X Factor: Honey G Stays In

Whilst Someone Who Can Sing Goes Out!

So much has been written about Honey G since she started her X factor journey. Not all good, and not all bad. Tonight she found herself in the bottom two for the first time. And she survived to live another day.

I was one of those who started out complaining after the first couple of weeks that she shouldn’t still be in the competition when good singers were being voted out. I read all the criticisms about her cultural appropriation, I voiced my opinions about her lack of vocal skils. I was, like many of my facebook friends, confused, found it all unfathomable.

Then I got caught up in ‘The Emporers New Clothes’, the more she was loved the more I loved her, the more she did on the show the more I wanted her to stay on the show. The production had me mesmerised, she became something very special, and out of all the contestants I began to look forward to her performances. Men in Black was a turning point, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Honey G had risen like a Pheonix from the ashes, she was a star, everyone that had been voting for her was right.

Tonight in the sing off Honey G didn’t have any backing singers, there wasn’t any smoke and mirrors, she was stripped bare, yet she got through and defeated Ryan Lawrie, the wonderful Emily Middlemass’s beau (old fashioned term for boyfriend). And then the scales fell from my eyes. Without all the production that the show has afforded her, Honey G was transported back to audition and Judges houses status. She was rubbish. I feel so bad saying that as I had become such a fan, as Simon and Nicole have said in the past she had become my guilty secret. But now I wonder what is going on, and I’m back to square one. How did she win the sing off?




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