Woman Has Hilarious Drunken Exchange With Boohoo

Sourced: Twitter.com/_Lucy_Jane_

Everybody has had that soul-crushing moment, the morning after a big night out when they check their drunken phone activity. Some people succumb to calling their ex, while others discover they’ve added thirty strangers from the club on Facebook. 

None of these happened to Lucy D’Agostino. The Vlogger, from Brighton discovered she had direct messaged the online fashion retailer Boohoo in the early hours of the morning.

Prior to the night, Lucy had contacted the team about an missing order and had no response. So little did she know the question mark she sent to Boohoo’s twitter at 2am would be the start of a solid friendship.

Lucy had an interesting chat with boohoo
Sourced: Twitter.com/_Lucy_Jane_

Customer service member, Abul promptly replied to a concerned Lucy who then asked why he was working so late. He explained that Boohoo is 24/7 and he’s been working nights for a while.

Their conversation develops with more emojis and ‘x’s than an episode of Gossip Girl. However, it’s the pro advice Abul gives Lucy about her post-club takeaway that really seals the deal.

Lucy ponders “kebab or no kebab is the next question. Maybe I will get some chips too.” Abul’s answer was brilliant “if you are tipsy then kebab is not a good option, if you can still walk, I’d say chips.” Fair to say she listened to Abul and went for cheesy chips!

Just take a look at the budding friendship in D’Agostino tweet that has earned more than 14,500 retweets!

The Youtuber also posted a video titled ‘How I Went Viral Overnight‘. Watch the video below to discover Lucy’s insight into the whole drunken affair!




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