Who will you be voting for in the X Factor Final?

XFactor Finalists 2015
X Factor Finalists 2015 | Image from ITV

And then there were 3 acts left.

Poor Lauren Murray left the competition on Sunday night.  No doubt we will hear her songs on the radio in times to come: her voice is too good to go unnoticed.

Looking at the final line up, on balance, it’s great that the final 3 acts are: a girl, a boy and a group.

Louisa Johnson is so good that she has never been in the bottom 2 and sang better than the competition last week even with a poorly sore throat.  Must admit I’ve watched her a few times on the X Factor app.  Which I err, installed for the children, you understand.

Then there’s Reggie & Bollie.  The loveable outsiders who have taken over the show.  Just a quick question, though, do you think anyone is voting for them who has not had pressure from children under 10?  These 2 are so likeable that even Simon has stopped mentioning that it’s a singing contest.  Regularly getting standing ovations is no mean feat on the often fickle X Factor.  Got to hand it to Cheryl for knowing which song choices work and for choosing these guys in the first place.

I feel so sorry for Che Chesterman, going into the final knowing that this week he got fewer votes than Louisa & Reggie & Bollie.  I think he’s a wonderfully talented singer with a bright future ahead of him who in many previous years would win this contest hands down.  He still might…

Who will you vote for and why?




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