What Happens When a Presenter Forgets They’re Live On Air

Reshmin Chowdhury BT Sport

TV presenters have it pretty hard. It’s not often we see how hard they work or how many attempts it takes to get a bit right.

That could be because they can edit all of the stumbles and mistakes in post-edit, however, that isn’t the case when they’re live on air and the results can be amsuing.

That’s what happened to BT Sport presenter Reshmin Chowdhury as she was standing on the side lines of Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium. As she reads her lines she get’s a little tongue-tied, as you can see here.

After Reshmin struggles to get her words out she can be heard saying “Oh, God. What is wrong with me today?” before gesturing as if to reset the camera.

Luckily, back in the studio, Gary Lineker saw the funny side of it, thanking Reshmin and joking “you even got to see her rehearsal”. Linkeker then added “Live TV – Things happen.”




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