WATCH: Joe Jonas Makes a Sex Tape In New DNCE Video

Long gone are the days when young Camp Rock star Joe, and his brothers Kevin and Nick would wear their purity rings to signify no sex before marriage. Pretty, innocent and religious were what made millions of girls around the world fall in love with the Jonas Brothers. But them days seem so far away when you watch DNCE’s new music video for ‘Body Moves’.

Wire Image
Wire Image

Not a purity ring in sight and pretty much the complete opposite of pretty, innocent and religious. Joe along with the rest of DNCE are seen to get very very steamy. Dirty, wild and naughty would probably be a better way of describing it!

The video is shot like a home movie. Mostly naked, hot and sweaty we see Joe have very passionate moments with his love interest, model Charlotte Mckinny.

From seeing very intimate moments in the elevator to tongues down each other throats, we also see a very ripped Joe. A whole new man from his Disney days something we guess many people are going to be paying attention too.

The 27-year-old explained to E! News, that this is all part of him growing up. “I’m like everybody. You grow up and you feel like you can evolve and just tell whatever story you want to be able to tell, so it feels right.”

Directed by Hannah Lux, Joe stated: “I love it. It’s crazy and sexy and we got some amazing people in it,” he said of the video. “To do something kind of risqué for us and really go there was an adventure and the whole band doesn’t hold back.”

We hear you Joe, and we love it!




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