The Warcraft Movie: Worth the hype?

The Warcraft Movie: Worth getting excited for?

Working out whether I should be excited for the Warcraft Movie or not is something that has been difficult. On the one hand, Warcraft is getting a film. Sounds great. On the other hand, it could continue in the almost predictable line of awful game to film adaptations. So why would this be any different?


First and foremost the game developers are having a say in how the film is made. This is likely to mean that it is being held to the standards that Blizzard would like the film to be at. Whilst we have no previous examples of Blizzard making or being involved with the making of a film, their involvement is hopefully going to mean a step up in quality. Most game to film translations have been done purely by the film company and this has led to some fairly drastic changes to these films that just don’t add up with their game counter-parts.

Another reason that I think this film is worth considering is that the story-lines are already written in cinematic format. There are guidelines and lore to guide this film in a direction that fans of the games should appreciate. I have heard some saying that this is a bad thing, that there is no point going to see the film if they know how it will end. Well that’s like saying that you should never go see a film just because you read a book. Game to film may be different from book to film but if people who read the Harry Potter books had used the same line. We wouldn’t have such a huge Harry Potter movie franchise.

Warcraft: Two worlds. One home


In a similar vein however not all book to film adaptations are good. This is an act of adaptation and therefore the directors and scriptwriters will still change things. Whilst this is inevitable, I feel worried that there will be changes made to characters or to how things play out that will detract from the original storylines. This is a risk that is taken when any previously told story is remade for the big screen.

In fact there have already been some alterations to the story of Warcraft 1 in this trailer. Baby Thrall being sent down river instead of being found amongst his parent’s corpses being a notable example. Another is that the flying city depicted didn’t actually fly until the events of Warcraft 3. This proves that not everything will be the same as is remembered by those who understand the lore of Warcraft 1. Whether these changes will be drastic enough to change how good this film will be I don’t know.

All in all, there is a risk that this film will turn out to be disappointing and anger World of Warcraft fans. but I still think it is worth getting excited for. One of my favourite parts of Blizzcon this year was the reveal and the trailer gave me hope that it wouldn’t be awful. As always with these things it is a matter of watching and waiting but I wouldn’t rule it out yet.

Warcraft: In Theatres June 2016





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