Why University Might Not Be Worth It

University, the land of freedom and independence. No longer can Mum complain you’re out too late or the music is too loud. You can find yourself and find some fab mates on the way. Drinking every day that ends in ‘Y’ surely is where every 18-year-old inspires to be? But what about when it becomes a little bit more than that?

A recent study by insurance company, Aviva has highlighted that more than a third of people regret going to University. Not only this, but half of students also said that they think they would have landed their job without their degree. With there being on average 227,000 students in the UK perusing further education, that is a hell of a lot of people regretting one of the biggest decisions of their life.

So is University all it’s cracked up to be? Or is a lifetime of debt mixed with the heavy burden of regretting going, just too big of risk to take?

University is a major decision that people may not be, ironically, educated enough about; so here are some reasons why going to University might not be worth it…

Why It Might Not Be Worth It:


Money is the main negative when thinking about University. Tuition fees are up to £9,000 a year and potentially rising higher. That means, with maintenance allowance and any other loans, you are looking at a minimum of £27,000 worth of debt after the three years. That is, if your degree is only three years. Plus, what I don’t think is talked about enough is… your debt is not interest fee. That debt will just keep rising and rising, until you earn over £21,000 and you slowly start paying it back. On the other hand, you have apprenticeships and internships, you learn on the job AND you get paid for it! And more times than not, you actually get a job out of it.


There is a lot of choice in subjects at University and a lot of people even swap courses after the first year. You may do a course at University and realize it’s completely different to what you have previously studied and now you’re stuck in even more debt. Not only is choosing the right course for you the problem, some courses don’t lead you directly into a career path and you are not guaranteed a job at the end of it.


University can be all fun and games whilst you’re there, but soon enough the three years are over and now you really have to become an adult. Even though you have spent the best part of 18 solid years in education, you realise that you have to find your own point to start, despite studying the subject you have chosen for three years or longer.

Many people choose University because it is the next step and for the student experience. But when the studying gets serious and you realise how much money you’re spending and for what, the realisation soon kicks in. It is estimated that the average person takes 11-12 years to pay of their debt, and with the government cutting bursaries and creating bigger debt, I think University is something to seriously consider before making such a choice.

But for some people, it is worth it and was exactly the right choice to make!


University helps open doors. Not only in terms of a career, but in terms of friendships and people. You learn about yourself, your subject and you can grow up in the security of a place that will hold the fondest of memories in years to come. The debt sucks, the idea that this may not even lead you to a job also sucks but if you really want it, nothing should stop you.

Things to consider before deciding on University:

* Way up every option. Apprenticeships or internships. University sometimes isn’t always the best place to start.

* If you know what you want to be- do you REALLY need a degree? Doctor- yes. Photography- perhaps not.

* Research everything. Universities, the courses, the city you’ll be a part of.

* If you don’t know what you want to do, don’t immediately go to University to prolong real life. You’ll just end up in loads of debt and inevitably ending up arriving at what you tried to avoid.

Some careers need degrees. Some careers don’t necessarily need one. Experience with or without University is vital. Do what you enjoy. Enjoy what you do.

Don’t make a decision you’ll regret!




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