Turn Your Facebook Profile Picture Into a Video

Facebook profile video

Earlier we shared a post telling you about how the Facebook crash was probably caused by a Facebook Update. Well we’ve just discovered what the update was and we’re super excited!

Harry Potter fans will love this new Facebook feature. A beta test has begun to roll out across parts of America and the United Kingdom for the new feature that resembles the Daily Prophet newspaper from Harry Potter. You can now turn your profile picture into a 7-second looping video that displays when a someone clicks onto your profile.

Our marketing manager has already had a go at changing his…

The update is only available to iOS users with the latest update. To create a profile video from your phone, go to your Facebook profile, click your profile picture and select ‘take video’. You can also upload a video, which means you can create a video from a third-party app (such as Vine) and upload it.

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of creative uses of this feature. If you try it out, let us know how it goes!

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