Trying Crazy Contouring Out

Contouring has taken over the beauty world in the past year with there being over 540,000 Youtube videos on the subject, numerous make up products specifically made for the trend and celebrities make up artists raving about their client’s killer cheek bones. I’ve been seeing some bizarre contouring techniques on the internet where people literally paint their face like on halloween but once blended in they look flawless. I couldn’t quite believe the success these people had had and wondered if it really is as easy as it looked, so armed with my contour palette and beauty blended I gave it a go!

 1. The Multicoloured Mess

Never having done this before it felt weird, it was like having a colouring book slapped on my face! I looked more like an extra from Katy Perry’s ET video if we’re honest but blending it all in it was crazy to see how normal it looked. Personally I do contour parts on my face daily but never to this extent and I just felt every ounce of that makeup sitting on my face. Plus my cheekbones looked a bit too bronzed for my liking even though I did like the highlight under the eye.

 2. Kardashian Kontour

I couldn’t experiment with contouring without trying out Kim Kardashian’s technique, arguably the Kardashian’s made the contour famous and if it works for them I had to give it a go. Compared to the last one this actually felt, dare I say it, simple! It was a lot closer to my own technique so I felt a bit more comfortable. Again I blended everything in (it was getting a bit too serious so I had to tie my hair up), I really liked the eyebrow result with this one, I think I will take that into my daily routine!

 3. The Clown Contour

During my research I stumbled over a thing called ‘contour art’ which I briefly tried in my first attempt but wanted to have a proper go at it. The inspiration for my so-called art was a clown mixed with a bit of a broken doll, this one definitely took the longest to do and blend. Honestly I think it looked okay, the fact I covered my lips to finish the ‘art’ actually made them so dry that I had to put lipstick on to hide it! Really there wasn’t much difference between this one and the Kardashian technique asides from time, so I’d had to say that was the most practical but this one was definitely the most fun and I really recommend playing around with your make up once in a while!

We would love to see your ‘contour art’, I’m sure it will be much more artistic than mine, so send us a photo on twitter @BeinSync 




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