Battle of The Christmas Ads 2016

Which One Would You Choose? Have Your Say Here.

How do we think the major stores have done in 2016? 

If you’re any doubt as to my thoughts on the John Lewis ad you can read my comments here

I really like the M&S ad, so warm and inviting with a nice pair of red shoes at the end , you can’t beat a pair of red shoes at Christmas. Although I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with Mrs Claus lying to Mr Claus.

A bonus one for you below. this was the ‘fake’ John Lewis Ad created by Nick Jablonka for his A2 Media coursework. Only it wasn’t intended as a fake, here’s what he said:

“I uploaded this video with no intention of it becoming so popular.
This definitely isn’t the official John Lewis advert. I wasn’t going to upload it at all, the title and the video are as it was submitted so I really didn’t mean for the confusion. Although I really appreciate the overwhelming comments, I do believe this piece could do with a lot of work as it was done in around 2 weeks from start to finish”. 

I’m not sure about the Aldi ad, I get very upset when I see the cooked carrots on the dinner plate, they have eyes! They look like they are dying. I also don’t like it when kevin the carrot goes to sleep with the mince pie, I thought the reindeer would come in and eat him.

Who doesn’t LOVE James Corden? But the Sainsburys’ ad comes in at a whopping 3 minutes & 35 seconds, too much?

Lidl definitely makes it into my top 3 favourite ads. So heartwarming, traditional, simple and non-materialistic. It portrays the kind of Christmas anyone would want to have, especially me.

I’m a stickler for the more traditional ads, but I love the House of Fraser ad. It’s contemporary, visually striking and beautifully directed.

I don’t have a great deal to say about the next three advertisements. Here is your chance to have your say. What do YOU think of the ads from, Tesco and Boots?

So here are my top 3 ads this Christmas:

  1. The Snowglobe by Nick Jablonka – pure genius and so adorable
  2. Homecoming, Lidl
  3. Christmas is coming for you, House of Fraser

Any other ads really grabbed your attention this year? Which would be in your top 3 and why? Please comment below.




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