11 Things Not To Do On Public Transport


So it’s pretty clear that travelling via public transport can be a bit of a pain. It’s full of people who range from slightly annoying to the damn right rude, awful and bizarre. The list of bad habits is endless. Anyhow I’ve conducted this list taking into account conversations with people and my own experience.

13. Try to get on the train/tube before letting people off

People trying to get on the train or tube before letting people off

We know you’re in a hurry, you’ve been waiting a long time, you want a decent seat but trying to cram into a packed train and barge past people whilst they are trying to exit isn’t going to get you on any quicker. So why not use your manners – make it easier for everyone and just be patient? They have places to be too.

12. Be a space invader

At least you and your dog are comfy

The British especially are well known for liking their personal space. However, sprawling out, taking up two seats with your luggage or a large proportion of the aisle on a busy train or bus is just a little unreasonable.

11. Be a loud drunk

Just stay home?

No one begrudges you for having a good time. Whether it being a right of passage, celebration or simply letting your hair down at the weekend. And we all pre-drink to save time and money. However, maybe consider what you put sober passengers through, who would maybe just like a peaceful journey, when you’re screaming and shouting, invading their personal space, asking random questions and singing terrible renditions of famous songs. Do you really need to get that drunk before you even enter the bar?

10. Read over someone’s shoulder

Can I turn to page 3 now?

I’m sure people are so pleased you find their PRIVATE half-composed text or copy of The Daily Mail intriguing. But please just stop before the person ends up locked in the awkward position of wondering whether to turn to the next page of their book or wait for you to catch up. Also, no matter how discrete you think you are being, chances are you’re not.

9. Have bad personal hygiene

Oh dear…

Imagine how awful it must be to sit next to someone with bad breath or B.O. Don’t put someone through the same horror if you can help it. Same goes for over doing the deodorant or perfume…

8. Sit next to a stranger when there are spare seats available


Unfortunately, not everyone wants to converse with a friendly stranger. You may see it as a solution to avoid people having to squish and squeeze later, but  it can be awkward. Also, why would you not take the opportunity to sit where you please whilst enjoying your own company?

7. Stand up when there are spare seats available/standing near the doors and not moving up the carriage.

Move down

The place is getting more crowded yet people still need to get on and off. Use your common sense and decency, it’s not hard, no matter how inconvenient.

6. Not covering your mouth whilst coughing and sneezing

Someone get a Kleenex

Apart from it being disgusting – you are spreading hundreds of germs to innocent people. No one needs to get ill all because you were too inconsiderate or lazy to use the tissue or, at least, your hand.

5. Eat smelly food

Could you not?

There aren’t many things worse than having to inhale the fumes of a fishy sandwich or cheese and onion crisps mixed with certain mysteries you only find on public transport. And if you have a really nice smelling meal, it makes the rest of us really hungry. And that’s not good if we’re on the train for another hour!

4. Be a DJ (Play loud music)

No one wants a DJ

No one wants to hear ‘Let it Go’ for the fifteen millionth time. There’s this amazing invention you might want to invest in called ear/headphones. Or if you do have them in and it’s still loud enough for passengers to hear then I’m seriously worried for your hearing. We all have different tastes and desires for our journey, please respect that.

3. Have a loud conversation on the phone

No one else  is interested mate

Nobody else needs to hear the ins and outs of your sex life, what ‘amazing’ achievement your family member has made or the ‘hilarious ‘ thing that happened to you last night. Certainly not at the volume that matches the sound of a foghorn.

2. A few extras…

Here are another few annoying things that didn’t quite make the list but you should still try to avoid:

Over the top PDA, sniffing, taking endless selfies, taking sly photos of people and being the ‘backseat plonkers’.

Which other public transport habits wind you up? Feel free to comment below




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