The Super Bowl Explained by Brits

Super Bowl 50
Super Bowl 50 explained by Brits

The Super Bowl is the one time of the year 100 million Brits pretend to understand American Football.

In simple terms, the Super Bowl is the American football equivalent to the FA Cup Final. The two best performing teams of the year compete in a battle of strength and smarts to claim that coveted title. But with 111 million Brits watching, how many actually understand what’s happening?

On Sunday 7th February at 23:30 the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will be taking the field at the Levi’s Stadium, California to take part in the 50th Super Bowl. This will be the Broncos 8th Super Bowl appearance, losing in five, including their last appearance in 2014 against Seatle Seahawks.

Facing the Broncos is Super Bowl underdog Carolina Panters. The Panthers have never won a Super Bowl title and lost against  New England Patriots in their only appearance in 2004.

For most Brits, their knowledge of the NFL stops with the NFL Bad Lip Reading series. Whilst amusing, they don’t really help us understand downs, penalties, quarter backs or flags. We’ve found this little video to explain the basics for you.

The Super Bowl is no longer just a sporting event. The two highlights for non-sports fans are The Half Time Show and Super Bowl adverts. This year Coldplay will be taking the stage with Bruno Mars returning for a second year.

The Super Bowl adverts are also a huge talking point. With a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costing around $4,500,000, companies make sure their adverts are as good as possible. If you don’t fancy staying up until the early hours on the morning to watch adverts, you can check them out here.

With all the hype that goes around the Super Bowl, it’s no wonder we get sucked into this American phenomenon. But at the end of the day, we know Brits are always going to be like this when it comes to American Football…




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