The singing competition, with no songs: The X Factor Vs The Voice

Fears emerged last week that our favourite talent show ‘The X Factor’ may not be shown on ITV this coming year. Since 2004, our Saturday nights have been characterised by singing along to all our well-known tunes, spending all our money backing our favourite contestant and screaming at the television when they do not get through, before quickly choosing a new favourite before the following week’s show.

‘The X Factor’ itself has undergone radical changes throughout the years, stirring up immense levels of controversy. Beginning as a fairly small-scale talent competition, judged by Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne, the first winner, Steve Brookstein, I guarantee will now be long forgotten amongst the British public. With changes to judges, the competition and obviously the contestants, ‘The X Factor’ became a very popular feature within our social media realms. Providing us with entertainment, from Frankie Cocozza’s cocaine scandal, to ‘Ablisa’s’ punching scene during the audition stages (even if you don’t remember the name, I’m sure you remember the moment!) Whatever will we do without the Monday morning gossip about the show?

It is the drop in viewing figures that seem to be the cause of all these suggestions of the show being axed. Although that at the moment, is all they are – suggestions. In recent years, contestants such as Leona Lewis, Chico and the infamous One Direction encouraged viewing figures to soar, until just last year, it seems. Strictly Come Dancing, televised at the same time, on Saturday 14th November, boasted of an extra 4 million viewers than X Factor who only had 5.25 million- a sore comparison to the 19.4 million viewers who watched Matt Cardle’s victory performance some years ago.

ITV, it seems, are considering replacing the show with ‘The Voice’, currently broadcast on BBC1. Cowell, however, calms our fears, assuring that this is not the end of the show. If ITV opts out, he is confident that someone will snap up the show. Once again then, ‘The X Factor’ seems to have stirred up our gossip, leaving us only wondering what exactly is going on behind the scenes.




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