The Moments Of A Period…

1. Wearing something light and regretting it.raw

2. Flushing the toilet and the one small of toliet tissue that won’t flush…F*ck sake.giphy-facebook_s

3. Being in a public toilet and trying to open your tampon without the whole bathroom hearing you. cringe4. When you sneeze. Enough said. tumblr_inline_ne5t9xl25p1r6u58h

5. When the sticky side of your pad gets stuck to your skin and you have to rip it off.ouch.gif

6. Getting out of the shower and rushing to the toilet before you start to leak. giphy

7. Having to deal with a blood clot.y3PWaHz.gif

8. One word. Cramps.giphy-1

9. When you wear jeans and your bloated.jwggz

10.  The period poo. giphy-2

11. Having to run to the toilet over 50 times when it’s a really hot day. Just because your not sure if it’s sweat or a leak. mean-girls-funny-gif-period-ew

12. Ruining a good pair of knickers. giphy-3.gif

13. When it comes from out of nowhere and you gotta go ahead and stuff some toilet paper down there and keep it moving.bathroom-gif

14. Sneaking a pad or tampon up your sleeve and not being noticed.

15. When you think its all over…Then mother nature comes backs and bites. giphy-2




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