Suicide Squad: Why You Shouldn’t Judge Too Harshly

One of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year, Suicide Squad, has arrived, and we think it’s critics have been unfair.

Superhero movies should never be judged too harshly. Who cares about a deep storyline? Who cares whether this movie was as good (or as bad) as Batman v Superman? These films are meant to be enjoyed for what they are – and Suicide Squad bucks the trend in a market filled with DC and Marvel films.

The film starts with a strong intro to each of the villains that create the Suicide Squad, with Will Smith’s Deadshot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn taking centre-stage. Good touch. Even though the majority of people going to see this movie will know exactly who these characters are and the stories behind them, the opening 20 minutes will introduce those not so savvy when it comes to comic characters to the DC universe nicely.

It’s an all-star cast. In fact, it’s probably the best line-up of stars ever in one of these films. Smith, Robbie, Leto, Delevingne – I could go on. Admittedly, there’s one name there that sticks out a little bit. To be fair to model turned actress Cara Delevingne, she held her own amongst these Hollywood heavyweights, and in some cases could even be seen as the best performance.

I don’t think there will be much disagreement in theĀ opinion that Margot Robbie steals the show though. Her portrayal of Harley Quinn has received widespread praise – even from the films harshest critics. She balances her innocence, humour and sheer kick-assness perfectly.

A big talking point in the run up to the film’s release was the casting of Jared Leto as The Joker, and from the glimpses (yes, glimpses) of the latest incarnation of the villain, we’re excited for the future. Let’s be honest, Leto has some pretty big shoes to fill, but he does a damn good job at trying them on. If you’re going to see Suicide Squad expecting to see 2 hours worth of The Joker, you’ll be disappointed. The clown doesn’t feature heavily in the film, but where he does appear, he steals the scene as The Joker should do.

In terms of story, the stronger section of the movie is definitely the first act. The set up for the inevitable action sequence is perfect, you find yourself intrigued to see how these characters will work with each other and who will come out as the bigger star. Once the film gets into the crime-sighting sequences that are the backbone of the DC and Marvel Universe movies, the pace drops a little and it does become slightly more predictable. The effect filled action scenes are good value, but there isn’t anything special and it’s during these scenes that you feel that the writer (David Ayer) got a bit lazy and followed the template of every other DC movie.

Does Suicide Squad deserve the bad reviews from critics? No. Is there room for improvement? Yes, definitely. Would I make a second trip to the local cinema to watch it again? Absolutely.

I personally feel Suicide Squad is one of DC’s better releases, with only The Dark Knight movies in front of it. If you’re looking for a fun superhero film this summer, Suicide Squad is perfect for you.




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