A very student Christmas: why it’ll be your best yet

Friends Christmas

Ah, Christmas. Arguably the festive highlight of the year, a pleasant occasion for both the young and young at heart; but, perhaps especially for the no longer doe-eyed and fresh faced university students among us. Even though at the time of writing the holidays may be a hefty 36 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 54 seconds away (but really, who’s counting?), the Yuletide season has a habit of creeping up on us like that essay you’re currently procrastinating from by reading this article. But fear not fellow freshers, and read on, for this coming Christmas could very well prove to be our greatest one to date:



Right, OK. Not the most thrilling point to start off with. But it really is a case of you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Not too long ago, these underrated bundles of warmth gained about as much interest as the wrapping paper they came in, but a few months away from home can change a lot. There really is nothing so practical, yet have such novelty as a couple of pairs of Christmas socks. Or these ones shaped like foot-eating sharks, depending on your preference.


4The food

Joey GIF
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After being rescued from outside the train station this December, a good few weeks worth of laundry bundled under your arms and the £1 Jager-bombs from the previous evenings’ night out with your flatmates going down swinging, it’s understandable that the first home comfort you might be craving is a good old-fashioned slap up meal. The benefits of some home cooking speak for themselves; and that goes double for when the holidays roll around. It doesn’t matter if you’re a world-renowned chef, your Nans’ Yorkshire puddings accompanied by some pigs in blankets will always be leaps and bounds ahead of food hastily prepared in your student accommodation whilst praying you don’t set off the fire alarm. Again.



christmas friends
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OK, so maybe you and your mates aren’t as photogenic as this, but you get the idea. Depending on which unis you’ve all found yourself in, there’s a fair chance that this will be the first time the gang will be back together since the summer. Expect the group chat to begin exploding with plans for catching up even though your advent calendar sits hardly touched. There’ll be plenty of stories to share from your first few months as a student, but make sure to have a group activity set up to carry the conversation. Nothing brings a Christmas reunion to a screeching halt more than realising you all have the same three annoying people at each of your universities…

2The cool party games


… And what better to spend time with friends than a nice card game? Party games and the like have come a long way since we were kids, with plenty to sate our mature and edgy tastes. Always a classic, Cards against humanity is the perfect way to find out exactly how morally bankrupt your nearest and dearest truly are. Not for the easily offended, and probably best kept away from the more conservative side of the family. Another great gem is the unashamedly named Exploding kittens, a pass the bomb style game of strategy involving deception, tenacity, and funny cat pictures. Of course, any student worth their weight in Sainsbury’s basic’s pasta keeps at least one dog-eared pack of playing cards lying around, but there’s no reason not to hold onto a set for classier affairs, such as a royal dinosaur pack, or perhaps a Game Of Thrones themed set?


1The nights out!

Christmas night out
Source: http://www.hiltonheadisland.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/12/ugly-sweater-bar-crawl-crowd.png

Christmas: it’s not really for kids is it? If there’s ever an excuse to drink and be merry (as if most students need one) it’s the welcome bout of Christmas themed parties and outings. Always memorable (for better or worse) in their own right; for many freshers this will be their first Christmas being of age. Opening the floodgates for you and your friends to take part in the infamous Christmas jumper bar crawl. Surely, there is no greater badge of crimbo honour than a reindeer encrusted sweater drenched in three separate brands of cider. Or failing that, the tone-deaf, but nonetheless enthusiastic bawling of the one Wizzard track that anyone under 40 can be expected to know.



What do you think? Was there any unforgettable parts of a student Christmas you think we missed? Feel free to comment below, and tell us what it is about the holidays for those at uni that makes the rest of the year worth the wait:




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