Space Saving Tips for your Tiny Room

How to organise your stuff when your room is the smallest in the house.


Stuck in a little box room because you drew the short straw with your housemates?
“At least it’s only for a year…” you told yourself. Recently however you find it frankly impossible to keep your small space tidy because you have so much stuff, and honestly it’s driving you bonkers. It can be endlessly frustrating to feel like you have nowhere to put anything so here’s a few tips and hacks to make the most of your small space and keep your things organised.

My top tip is to try and find a home for everything so that surface spaces are left looking minimal and clean, leaving your room feeling tidy and more spacious. If for example your desk is covered in clutter you’ll be less likely to want to sit down and work at it. Similarly if other surfaces are brimming with trinkets, photo frames, and various bits and pieces they’ll create an eyesore. Having a home for everything makes it so much easier to find things in a hurry. I love these acrylic stacking trays from Urban Outfitters as they make it incredibly easy to organise your desk space.

Baskets and storage boxes
Buy storage boxes for things like shoes, unused seasonal clothes and all those toiletries you accumulated from relatives at Christmas. You can get cute little baskets like these from homeware shops in which you can store bits you may use daily like moisturisers, hairspray, make up removers and deodorant.

Make use of unused space
This is an obvious one but if you have space under your bed use it! It’s perfect for shallow storage boxes and is great for hiding away things you don’t use too often. If you have an empty suitcase that you aren’t using too often this is another great place to store things like seasonal clothes.

Organise make up
If you find yourself wasting time rifling through your entire make up collection every morning maybe it’s time to separate it all. Lipsticks, foundations and nail varnishes can be displayed in acrylic organisers. If you want to save money you can easily use things you already have at home to organise your make up. For example you could use a stationary pot for your brushes or pencils, or you could divide up your make up into a cutlery tray which keeps them nice and tidy whilst hidden away in a drawer!

Spring Clean
If your problem is that you have too many things, the first thing you need to do is go through everything you own and decide if it is worth holding onto. Throw away anything you haven’t used in over a year. Be brutal. If you’re keeping something for sentimentality think about how often you actually pick it up and enjoy the memories attached to it. If it’s super important, keep it. If it isn’t, recycle it or give it to charity.

Hang things wherever you can
Add hooks to your walls to hang extra things like bags and scarves. This is super useful if you don’t already have hooks on the back of your door or have limited wardrobe space.
You can get command hooks that don’t require nailing anything into your walls and can also be (carefully) removed so that they don’t leave a mark.

Buy Ebooks
Not only are they usually cheaper than actual books, they take up a lot less room. If you have a smart phone, tablet or e-reader you can save a lot of space and money. Similarly if you use Netflix to watch many great films instead of buying them you’ll save tonnes of space on DVDs (but you’re probably already doing that).

Pin up your jewellery
If you live in uni halls chances are you have a pin board, which, if you have enough pins, can be used to hang your jewellery to save space and make your room look pretty! If you don’t have a pin board you can still display your jewellery on a lovely stand which will help to save space. You can find some really unique and gorgeous jewellery stands on Etsy.

Stop folding, start rolling
You’ll be surprised by how many t-shirts you can fit in your drawers if you simply roll them up instead of just folding. First fold your t-shirt into a third of its width. Then roll from top to bottom and it should slot easily into your drawer without unravelling.

Give the impression of space
Although it won’t actually make your room any bigger you can easily make your room seem larger by decorating your walls with a light, airy colour. Go for cooler colours such as pale blues to create the impression of a bright spacious environment.

Take a trip to Ikea–1433246759-large-article-0.jpg

We all know Ikea are the kings of storage solutions. If you’re in need of items that help divide up the space you already have, this is the place to go. Take your housemates or partner and turn it into a day out! Check out their small storage solutions here.




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