Shia Labeouf being Shia Labeouf by live streaming all his movies

Shia Labeouf watches Shia Labeouf all my movies
Shia Labeouf watching Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf has been getting a name for himself recently.

He may have risen to fame as an actor in many childhood movies, and more recently in the Transformers franchise. However, Shia has been hitting headlines, not for his blockbuster movies, but for his antics on the web.

Well today, he’s doing the most Shia Labeouf thing possible. He’s challenged himself to a 72 hour marathon of all of his movies. That’s pretty crazy thing to do, but he’s managed to go one step further and live stream it for all to watch. No, not the movies… His face. You can’t see or hear the movie (presumably because of lame copyright law).

So, if you’ve got some time to kill, you can watch Shia… watch Shia.

As of yet there have been no breaks scheduled for sleeping, eating or using the rest room, however, he has been seen eating popcorn.

What do you think Shia Labeouf will do next?

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