Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the HOTTEST new trend

Samsung has this week seen a further safety breach as models of the second replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire in the US.

The first model had to be recalled due to a functioning problem with the battery in September. Now Samsung, supposedly having rectified the problem, has been forced to consider a further recall on the adapted model, after two devices have caught fire.

The first instance happened on Wednesday 5th October, when the device of one of the passengers on an aeroplane caught fire just before take-off. The plane, scheduled to fly from Louisville, Kentucky to Maryland, Baltimore was evacuated safely once smoke began to be emitted from the phone.

The second incident occurred in an apartment in Kentucky. The device was reported to have not been plugged in when it caught fire and began to emit smoke. The owner of the phone claims to have woken to a bedroom full of smoke.

Concerns have obviously been raised as a result of two recalls of the same model. Questions as to the regard of Samsung towards their customers remain unanswered, as the public wait for the company’s response to the incident. Trust, not only in the product, but in the company itself is on the line here.




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