Rape Victim Left Unpunished?

Last week, a 25 year old woman from Cheshire was arrested after having reported being raped by two men in their late 20s in Dubai.

Whilst on holiday in the United Arab Emirates, the woman reported being raped by two men from Birmingham to the police forces in Dubai. She was then arrested for having pre-marital sex, illegal in Dubai, possible punishments of which include imprisonment, deportation and stoning to death. The two men concerned were also arrested, and all three were let on bail, with their passports being confiscated.

After careful examination of the evidence, investigators have decided to let the woman go free. After consulting footage of the act on one of the perpetrators phones, the investigators decided the act was consensual and all three parties are currently in the process of retrieving their passports.

The woman has been permitted to go free, but if her claim was indeed true, it can certainly not be said that she has been left unpunished.




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