Party Planning on The Apprentice: Review

The Apprentice 2015

Following the sparks and tension from last week’s discount task, this week on The Apprentice the candidates were asked to become children’s party planners. Poor Kids!

(Spoiler warning: Winning team announced, but not who was fired)

On The Apprentice this week, the winning team would be the team who made the most profit from the original £2,000 starting price and possible sales from upselling items. Gary was chosen as project manager for a second week running due to his business plan being in running events. Whist Selina was chosen as she is an events planner in her day to day job. Cue a face-palm moment when one team doesn’t get the clients contact details…

There were some very cringe worthy moments under the name of “entertainment” and a confusion over a certain food ingredient which could have resulted in one client being sent away in an ambulance. Not an ideal situation, to say the least.

And Relax…

The point of having party planners is so the parents can relax, guys! I’m not sure any of those parents looked relaxed.

The teams came up with a mixture of themes, including various sports, America and the Olympics. However, the main themes shown in this episode seems to be the candidates’ lack of common sense, silly pricing and a struggle to give customer satisfaction. Who’s going to pay £10 for a cheap party bag?

Obviously customer satisfaction was key and Sir Alan revealed back in the boardroom that full asking price would only be paid if clients were happy with the service provided.

The Verdict

It was a win for team Connectus with a profit of just over £600 after spending. “Maybe due to Richard’s stinginess” Lord Sugar added. No surprise to see yet another huge grin on his face. There were times he may as well have been project manager, as he certainly acted like it. He does like to run the show.

With yet another surprise twist (maybe to help boost ratings or spice the show’s format up a bit), all four of the losing team were told to come back to the boardroom. All had a telling off and one, in particular, was warned about their manner. About time in my eyes. In the end, only one candidate was fired this week. They took a lot of blame for the task, but it was concluded that they weren’t going to be Lord Sugar’s business partner.




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