New Emojis for 2019 introduce disability and gender inclusive designs

New 2019 Emojis

230 new emojis are coming to Apple, Android, Windows and Facebook including a deaf person, wheelchairs and gender-neutral couples.

Emojipedia have released their official list of new emojis for 2019 and it may just be the most inclusive release yet.

All 230 Emojis Released in 2019

In this new release of emojis, you will now be able to choose from a range of gender-neutral couple in a variety of skin tones. This follows a 2017 addition of gender-neutral people. As well as gender-neutral couples, you will also have a larger range of skin tones within all couple varieties.

Disability Inclusive

Following a proposal from Apple in 2018, there will be a wide range of emojis representing disabilities. These include guide dogs and service dogs, wheelchairs, man, woman and person with a white cane and deaf people signing and an ear with a hearing aid.

Another additon to the emoji collection is a mechanical arm and a mechanical leg.

Other New Emojis

It’s great to see such a wide range of inclusive emojis coming out in 2019. As well as these progressive additions, you will also find others that will be welcomed.

New emojis 2019
New emojis 2019

Otters and sloths are one of the cutest of the new animal emojis coming out. You’ll also be able to use the new waffle, falafel and juice box emojis to your hearts content.

Most platforms will have adopted in the emojis through software updates by around March/April time.

To view a full list of new emojis head over to Emojipedia.




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