Netflix is to tackle location fakery


If you’ve used a VPN or a proxy server to access and unlock Netflix shows that aren’t normally available in your region, then you might want to stuff in the last few episodes of your latest binge TV programme.

Netflix has announced that it will begin blocking customers who use proxies to access content not usually available in their region. The American multinational provider of on-demand Internet streaming media is improving its proxy detection technology, with the aim to crack down on users watching content not available to them and limit customers to the services that are designated for their specific region.

Apparently, the reason is that the problem with this is that different companies can own the rights for the same media content in different regions; international content licensing means that it is hard for Netflix to offer exactly the same shows and films in every single country that it covers. Henceforth why libraries are somewhat different across the globe as the service expands.

It’s likely that Netflix is being pressured to enforce content licensing by geographic location, leaving proxy users as the primary target.

A short while ago, Netflix added some 130 countries to its list of supported regions, bringing the total up to around 190. However, it is not yet possible for people in certain locations to get certain shows. For example many UK users are frustrated that we cannot yet access much loved popular series such as ‘Friends’ on our version of the App. The growing popularity of the service also puts it increasingly at odds with online services and traditional content providers’ competitors.

Joey's reaction to the news - Less screen time
Joey’s reaction to the news – Less screen time


According to the official statement, the company understands the frustrations of content restriction and says that it is working to bring as much content as it can to global audiences. Meanwhile, the new proxy detection technology is expected to come online in the coming weeks.




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