Muslim Stall Banned From Christmas Market

The popular Christmas Market Rüdesheim on the Rhine, Germany has asked a group of Muslims to remove their stall promoting information on the religion of Islam.

The market, famous for its traditional German delicacies such as frankfurters and mulled wine, attracts both tourists and locals every year. There has been some controversy this year, with locals saying that this stall did not really coincide with the festive feeling of the market. Locals have complained to the police who do not however have the authority to remove the stall.

A town hall meeting discussing the situation showed locals united on the opinion that the stall is inappropriately placed within a Christmas market. The authorities have asked the owners to voluntarily vacate the market out of fear of potential violent reactions to it.

The mayor of the town, Volker Mosler, does not seem to support the general opinion of the town, stating he is ‘amazed’ at their ‘intolerance’, since all the owners seem to be doing is promoting their religion as one of peace and of harmony. He does however support the suggestion that they leave, simply due to the potentiality of a dangerous backlash against it.




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