Mike Tyson With a Late Submission for Video of the Year

Mike Tyson has is regularly making the news for one hilarious reason or another. He’s taken it a step further this time by falling off a Segway.

The boxing champ was filmed riding a Segway hover board over the Christmas period. During the 11 second clip, Tyson’s child can be heard saying “Daddy, I want you to fall.” And well, fall he did.

It’s certainly true what they say about the bigger you are…

The hover boards have been taken from sale on Amazon over concerns about their safety after a number have allegedly caught fire due to a fault with their batterries. As a result, many airlines have put the ‘must have Christmas gift’ on their ‘no fly’ list. Gladiator star, Russle Crow, along with his family, were ejected from a flight as they tried to put the Segway in their luggage. He took to Twitter to vent his anger.

Half an hour later Virgin Australia responded with three tweets




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