WhatsApp Passes One Billion Monthly Users

Whatsapp passes one billion monthyl
Whatsapp passes one billion monthyl

Facebook owned WhatsApp announced on 1st February that they passed the one billion monthly user mark.

The announcement made on the WhatsApp blog on 1st February, WhatsApp shared the achievement by pointing out that “nearly one in seven people on Earth… use WhatsApp stay in touch with their loved ones, their friends and their family.” That’s an impressive figure.

WhatsApp launched back in 2009 as a simple messaging app that could be used independently of phone signal, using Wi-Fi to send messages and images. In 2014, Facebook acquired the app for an incredible $19 billion. They joined a host of other start-ups that Facebook have bought, most famously Instagram in 2012.

This announcement really shows how Facebook is dominating the social market. Twitter has been struggling through some high profile changes in it’s executives. Twitter currently boast 320 million monthly users. This figure is dwarfed in caparison to Facebook’s 1.5 billion monthly users. Not to mention Messenger’s 800 million and Instagram’s 400 million.

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