There has been an uproar in social media this week after a 19 year old has publically supported the idea of the tampon tax under the rights of the movement he terms ‘Meninism’.

Ryan Williams openly demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the female anatomy, when he claimed that tampons should be seen as ‘luxury items’, after all women should learn to ‘control their bladders’. Within a day, Ryan’s post saw 1965 shares and 1938 likes on Facebook. There has been an inevitable backlash concerning Williams’ inaccuracy of reasoning, ultimately undermining the so-called Meninist movement in general.

Meninism originally came in being at the beginning of the millennium when it officially described men who supported the movement of feminism. Since then, the concept has been somewhat turned on its head, and has ended up representing an opposition of feminism and an advocate for men’s rights instead. There are a range of opinions on this movement; whether it is merely a joke or whether there does need to be a body supporting men’s rights. However, to have both a feminist movement and a meninist movement seems to me slightly contradictory, as if there is some war of the genders going on whereby both are actually only fighting for equality.




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