Man in search of ‘Tinderella’ creates Tinder application form

Tinder logo

Tinder gets a lot of negative publicity and it’s clear why. Between all of the offensive men and the spam bot women, it’s a mine field.

One man has decided that he’s going to try and cut through the noise. He’s devised a way to find out more about the women on Tinder than just what their profile pictures let on and what they can fit into their bio.

Redditor, Coppeliacoppelius, matched with a man called Solomon and she was amazed by what happened next. Nope, not an inappropriate advance. Not an unsolicited d*ck pic. A link. A link to a Google Form. She shared a link to the Google Form (which has since been deleted, presumably from an overwhelming response) for others to see.

You can see a screenshot of the form below.

Tinder form 1Tinder form 2Tinder form 3Tinder form 4

And if these questions weren’t difficult enough, this was the final question…

Tinder form 5

So there’s only one thing to ask…

Is Solomon a jerk or is he an efficient dater? Answers in the comments please.




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