‘Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris… Finally some good news on a Monday’

Kim Kardashian, well-known, be it through good or bad publicity, has finally attracted some attention that she perhaps does not welcome. On Monday 3rd October, the famous celebrity figure was put in a position that for so many of us is unimaginable. The famous Kardashian family have been left reeling after five masked men, disguised as police officers, broke into Kim’s Parisian apartment, bound her and took millions of pounds worth of her jewellery.

Early Monday morning, Kim Kardashian, alone except for her friend Simone Harouche asleep downstairs, was ambushed by five armed men. Having heard them coming up the stairs, she was midway through phoning her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, when the phone was snatched from her hand. Her hands and ankles were bound with zip ties while a gun was placed to her temple. The men escaped on rented bicycles that are available through the city, and Duvier arrived two minutes after they left, having been contacted by Simone Harouche who wittily locked herself in her bedroom and called him. The infamous reality star returned home to her husband Kayne West on Monday evening, and although it has not been confirmed what articles were taken, it was noticeable that she disembarked the plane without the $4.5 million ring she was flaunting the previous evening.

As expected, the general public have not disappointed with their response to the reality star’s ordeal. Tweets such has ‘As bad as this is, struggling to find too much sympathy for her’ @matt2_turnbull, and ‘Who cares about #KimKardashian what the *** is she I’m more concerned I’ve just had to put my heating on in October’ @Not_ME_y_twat, have meant that for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, the ordeal has only been prolonged. After all, regardless of your opinion on Kim Kardashian, would anybody wish anyone to be put in such a situation she was? Although perhaps now she will realise that in fact not all publicity is good publicity.




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