Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti Tuesday morning, before then reaching Cuba this Tuesday evening at 9pm. Carrying winds of around 145 mph, the storm has been described as slow-moving as well as extremely powerful. A deadly combination that promises concerning levels of damage and danger.

Thus far, 11 fatal tragedies have been connected with the storm, including 5 from Haiti. With rainfall between 15 and 25 inches, the impoverished country has few methods of mitigation or prevention from the damage that will ensue.

Haiti’s 11 million inhabitants are exposed to the ferocities of the hurricane, with shelter that is hardly substantial; including the thousands of people that have continued to live in tents since the 2010 earthquake.

The rainfall has resulted in an increase in water levels, collapsing the Port-au-Prince bridge, Southern Haiti’s primary connection with the capital. Although the hurricane has now moved away to the north-eastern coast of Cuba towards Florida, more than 4 million children have been left vulnerable to the aftereffects such as flooding, lack of shelter and waterborne diseases.

The category 4 hurricane continues in its path with warnings issued for the Bahamas, Florida and South Carolina.




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