New Hillary Clinton Investigation

With the US Presidential elections happening in just over a week on Tuesday 8th November, the FBI have just decided to review Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence in search of a mishandling of classified information.

As of yet, the US public have been given very few details concerning the investigation. There is no statement as to the number of emails or between whom they have been sent. Following the previous investigation, the FBI are denying the fact that this is the same one re-opened, but instead is implying it concerns new information.

Clinton’s adversary, Donald Trump, did not hesitate to term her as a criminal and suggesting that the FBI may now have the opportunity to ‘right the horrible mistake they made.’

Whether this instance proves damaging or not to the candidate’s campaign, what is certain is that it will detract attention from the important aspects of the each campaign, which at once undermines the election and could possibly provoke spontaneous decisions and votes. The unveiling of this kind of information, although at the moment speculatively, so close to the election will undoubtedly have an effect.

Clinton is reported to be confident that the original verdict will remain intact and has asked the FBI to release all the information they have to the public in order that it not affect the voting outcome.




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