Your Guide To Picking The Perfect University

Clocktower Building University of Otago Dunedin New Zealand

There are over 150 universities and higher education institutions available throughout the UK and with a long list of different cities and different experiences, finding the right place for you can be quite the challenge.

From the content of the course to the content of the drinks menu in the nightclubs, there are some other important considerations to make before choosing where you will spend the next three years of your life.

So here are six steps to help you pick the perfect university!


Arguably the most important step when picking your perfect university is what you want to study inside and out for the next three years. Different universities are better than others in a particular area or subject.  Based on student satisfaction, research and graduate prospects, the University of Durham is the best for English. Whilst, the University of Cambridge is the best for Maths according to The Complete University Guide. So make sure you know exactly what you want to do, and who can provide you with the best education in that field as you may be doing this for the rest of your working life.


It is all well and good if you go to a university that is the best in the subject area you have picked, but the thing with universities is every single course is different and some even differ in the years you will be studying. Someone studying biology at the University of Bristol is not going to study the same thing as someone studying biology at the University of Manchester. Each university creates their own criteria and course content, so if you only like a certain part of the subject, find a university focused more on the part you do enjoy!


Depending on where you want to go, every student has to meet entry requirements for the university of their choice. Universities set these, so it is better to apply for universities that have requirements you know you can meet. This way, you won’t be disappointed if they reject your offer, but also you know you’ll be going somewhere where everyone will be at your level as they had to meet the same requirements. But aim high and work hard and you may just find yourself at a university you only ever dreamt you’d be in.


Location plays a huge role when picking the right university for you. Do you want to go to a big city? Small city? New city? Familiar city? This will be your new home and somewhere you will spend all your social life. From the nightclubs to the shopping centres, you need to know your surroundings so it may be a good idea to check it out before you go to university. Not to mention if it is a new city this will be your brand new life, so it’s better to make sure you like your new location. Each city is different and will definitely give you a different experience. Your experience in Glasgow would probably be very different to life in East Anglia so location is a big choice.


The choice to stay or go has to influence your choice of University. Can’t wait to get rid of Mum and Dad? Moving away involves a lot of money and the start of real adult responsibilities. But it does give you independence and more choice of where you study.

Staying at home means commuting, and having less choice on the universities available. But means not having to live with complete and utter strangers and some extra cash at the end of the month.


The only way you’re going to know for certain that you have found your perfect university is by going to have a look at it. By seeing the institution in real life you can experience the atmosphere, the way it looks and the size of the campus or town. You can speak to real lecturers, real students and gain insight into what the next three years of your life will be like. That way when you turn up as a fresher on the first day, it might just be a little less daunting.


Think you have found your future university? Make sure you do your research and visit the open days as they will show you everything you need to know and more. Then you’ll be ready for the best years of your life to date.





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