The Grammy Award Ceremony; A Night of Mishaps


The 59th Grammy Award Ceremony took place in Los Angeles last Sunday evening. The night promised to be full of stardom, songs, and of course the occasional f-word accidentally dropped (*cough* Adele). As usual, expectations were fulfilled and headlines the following morning were overflowing with tales of the night before- the kind of gossip the average commuter loves to gorge upon to brighten up their Monday morning!

Following Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement a couple of weeks ago, her increased media presence showed her gaining popularity in the run up to the Ceremony. Whilst nominated for a total of nine awards, Beyoncé came away with best music video and best contemporary album. Other winners of the night included David Bowie, Twenty One Pilots and Drake.

Adele, on the other hand, won all 5 of the awards she was nominated for – including the biggest awards of the night such as the best album. Within her acceptance speech for the best album award however, she declared 25 to be underserving. In an emotional moment Adele announced the award should go to Beyoncé’ for her visual album Lemonade. The artists were shown in tears during the speech in which Adele tells Beyoncé that she is adored by herself and other artists. Adele terms her ‘empowering’ and says she helps her fans to stand up for themselves. Adele proceeded to break her award in a manner that can only symbolise some sort of Cady Heron appreciation act. This pushed Beyoncé’s award count up to 2.5!

This was not the only time Adele did not stick to the script during the evening. The audience saw her unexpectedly stopping midway through her tribute to George Michael. She swore and consequently apologised. Explaining that she could not ‘do it again like last year’, alluding to the infamous piano accident. Honourably she said could not ‘mess this up for him’.  The second attempt proved successful, receiving a standing ovation, alongside a surge of support on social media.

Despite not coming away with all her nominations, Beyoncé still managed to steal the show. Her inspired performance turned heads as did her acceptance speech for her awards. Her performance this year honed in on the themes of motherhood and family, involving a tipping chair, a set design reminiscent of her Instagram post two weeks ago and, of course, a focus upon her ever-growing baby bump.

The Grammy Award Ceremony 2017, turned out to be as eventful as ever. In some ways it is encouraging to see that even celebrities and stars have their mishaps sometimes!




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