How To Get The Best Deals On Black Friday

This Friday hosts the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday. Hundreds of emails have been filling up our inboxes in preparation and we can’t wait to make use of these deals. So don’t worry about missing out, just take a look at our top tips.

1.Sign up to newsletters

One of the biggest ways companies will contact you about their deals is via emails. Any stores you’re interested in will most likely have a website that has a mailing list. These emails will keep you up to date with the best deals all day!

Sourced: Net-A-Porter
Sourced: Net-A-Porter

2. Wait for the clock to strike

Black Friday doesn’t operate during working hours. Set an alarm guys and prepare for mayhem. The best deals hit at midnight so obviously you get the best pick the early you shop.


3. Hit the high street early

The same principle as the last tip, if you’re actually going to venture into town, try and get there for when the shops open. Also, a friendly piece of advice from is to cheek out Google’s ‘popular times’ section. Now, when you search a specific shop it will also display the quietest times for that day. Hence, you can time your trips for the best offers.


4. Don’t settle for less

It’s easy to get caught up with the ‘mega’ deals and discounts on such an exciting day but don’t let that cloud your judgement. Don’t settle for simple discounts like 30% off, these deals come through newsletters often. Black Friday should be about big deals. Just remember that.


5. Make wish lists

Don’t just shop on a whim, you need to be prepared. Majority of websites have a wish list section, if not, make a handwritten list of everything. Also take a look at


6. Enjoy your day

Remember that this is a yearly event, if you don’t get that coat you really wanted, no sweat. There will be lots of sales after Christmas, just have fun and don’t take it too seriously.






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