Fears Freshers Will Feel During Freshers Week (As Told By Disney GIF’s)

Acapella medley of Disney love songs
Acapella medley of Disney love songs

1) Being friendless

– Go to as many social events as you can in your first week!
– Join the university socials!
– As soon as you move into your halls, open your door and meet your flat mates!!
– If you’re not on Facebook, get an account, you can add everyone and won’t miss out on the social invitations!


2) Missing home

– Make your room as homely as possible! Buy some cables and stick a family photo up!
– Teach your family to use FaceTime! (Will take a couple of attempts, but its great when it works!)
– Try hard not to go home when your homesick. As silly as it sounds, it will make it easier as the year’s goes on.


3) Fending for yourself

– Go to advice centres around your University. They are there to help you!
– Remember everyone is in the same boat at you! No question is a silly question!
– Ring family if you’re stuck! They can help!

4) Being poor as sh*t

– Try and save as much money as you can during the summer
– Budget the hell out of life.
– Apply for grants and bursaries! You could be lucky.
– Take advantage of Student Discount! (The amount of money you save is unreallllll!)


5) Cooking

– Cook group meal’s with the flat, you can all learn together!
– You can live a healthy lifestyle just of pasta… (Jokes)
– Buy a cheap student cookbook, it will help!
– Also, buy ingredients from shops like Aldi & Iceland, it will save you a small fortune.


6) Academic requirements

– Go to Library ‘Drop-Ins’ if you’re struggling!
– Ask as many questions as possible, or even email the tutor if you’re too embarrassed!

7) Washing your own clothes

– Do not mix colours with whites. I learnt the hard way.
– Try and save money & share a washing card with a friend!
– Try and get into a routine, so once a week you know your washing day!


8) Living with people you hate

– Keep your door locked, and be antisocial for the full year….
– Try and be nice when they come in at 5am and you have lecture at 9.
– If they never wash up, its fine. Just put the dirty dishes outside their door. They will learn as they stand in 2 week old mouldy lasagne.


9) Crying

– You will cry, loadssssss, just wipe the tears away and down tequila.
– Ring mum. She will help!


10) Making it though Freshers Week

– Drink as much as you can.
– Worry about it later.





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