Fabric Will Be Reopening Its Doors

After Reaching A Deal With The Council

All the ‘real music’ and clubbing enthusiasts probably remember where they were when they heard the news that the London nightclub, Fabric, was closing its doors for the last time in September. In June and August two teenagers died after taking drugs in the club. Following a review of their tragic deaths the club was shut down permanently by Islington Council.

Fabric first opened its doors in 1999. The venue took three years to convert and Keith Reilly, one of the owners with Cameron Leslie, sold two of his homes to fund the project from start to finish. The pair opened the club in an attempt to revitalise the club music scene of the time. They felt it was dominated by house music and that the London Clubs were saturated with djs It became a mecca for dance music fans.

Reilly had already run his own warehouse parties in the 70’s, before the growing trend and rise of acid house music in the late 80’s to early 90’s. The music was diverse and didn’t fall into step with the other public music venues of the decade. Reilly quit his job to open Fabric, Islington London, where the duo stayed true to their music roots. This is what shaped the atmosphere of Fabric that everyone knows today.

Now here’s the good news.Today a district Judge at Highbury Magistrates Court agreed the club could reopen. This is as a result of talks between the police and Islington Council.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, tweeted:

“@fabriclondon will reopen. Thanks to all who helped find a solution that protects the club’s future & keeps clubbers safe”.

The decision to reopen was reached when a deal was struck between the council and the club. It offered to have new conditions added to its licence. These include: surveillance inside the club, an ID scanning machine, zero tolerance on drugs where a lifetime ban will be imposed on any offenders. Also entrance from 8pm Friday until 8am Monday will be for aged 19 and over.

Fabric well done and the best of luck for 2017.





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