Dolphin Plays Fetch With Woman’s iPhone

Dolphin rescues iPhone

When this woman dropped her iPhone in the ocean, I bet she never expected to see it again.

Teressa Cee was on holiday in the Bahamas when every smart phone users worst nightmare came true. She dropped her phone over the side of the boat and into the ocean. Normally, all hope would be lost and we would never expect to see the phone again. However, literally seconds later, a dophin appeared at the surface of the water holding Teressa’s iPhone in it’s mouth and gave dropped it straight into her hands.

In the video Teressa can be heard saying “Oh my God. That’s so cute! Thanks! It’s never going to work again, but thanks!” as the dolphin whistles and can be seen swimming away under the boat.

I think it’s safe to say that this dolphin is a hero. Thank you hero dolphin.




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