DDoS Internet Attack Grinds Internet to a Halt

Barring the small chance that you’ve actually been doing something productive this weekend, you were probably affected by the DDos attack which took place over Friday. By specifically targeting internet hosting service Dyn, perpetrators were able to overload the servers of several prominent parties across Europe and North America. This included Amazon, Netflix and perhaps most notably Playstation network, as the attack coincided with the release of new FPS shooter Battlefield 1, leading to much frustration among players. A statement from EA expressing disbelief that for once their servers being abysmal was not their fault is expected but not yet released at this time.

So who was responsible?

Currently there is no concrete evidence revealing the instigators of the attack, however there has already been claims by activist group New World Hackers that they were to blame, and had been acting in response to Ecuador revoking internet access for Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who is currently talking asylum in their British based embassy. While web usage appears to have now returned to normal, it isn’t currently known if this will be the end to this conflict. Your move Ecuador (apparently).




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