The Daily Ups and Downs in the Life of a Quiet Person


“Morning!” Your housemate jumps mid tea-slurp when they turn around to find you’ve somehow silently appeared in the kitchen.


You avoid being chosen to do that thing at work that you secretly didn’t want to do; you managed to go unnoticed without even trying. Your quiet personality has done you a favour for once.


On your lunch break you nip into the new hairdressers to make an appointment and they ask your name. You say it very clearly but somehow they manage to take it down wrong. They then seem confused when you try to correct them. All three times. You give up and accept your new name.


You’re chatting to a colleague about an work related issue you’re having. You curse a little and they act like they’ve never heard a person swear before. They are genuinely shocked to hear you swear and make a big deal out of it. It’s embarrassing.


You’re out having drinks with a friend and bump into that teacher you all loved at school… “It’s lovely to see you Jane you haven’t changed a bit! And er…” Their glance shifts to your eagerly awaiting gaze. “Remind me?” Ouch.


You’ve become a little bit tipsy and are now prone to random outbursts such as mouthing off about that new guy everyone else adores but you find him annoying. Luckily no one seems to have heard so you don’t have to backtrack in the morning.


Your casual after-work drinks escalated a bit but magically you manage to stumble through the door, trip up all the stairs and call your friend to say you got home safe – all without waking anyone up.




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