Colombian Plane Crash

A plane carrying a total of 81 people, of which 72 were passengers, crashed on the hillside of Colombia on Monday night. Amongst the passengers on board were a first division Brazilian football team, with around 20 journalists travelling with them. The team were travelling to an away match of the Copa Sudamericana finals scheduled to take place on Wednesday in Medellin.

75 of the 81 people on board were killed upon impact, with one dying later in hospital, leaving only 5 survivors. At least two of the survivors have been confirmed as belonging to the football team.

As of yet, the cause of the tragedy has not been determined, although it has been noted that heavy rainfall and storms hit Colombia at the time of the crash, and there is some speculation that there was an electrical fault with the plane.

The plane had departed from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. At around 10pm (3am GMT), the crew contacted the International Airport in Rionegro, the destination airport, to declare an emergency. The plane crashed a just a few moments later, landing just 22 miles from their destination.

The entire country is in shock and disbelief at the tragedy. President Michel Tamer of Brazil has declared three days of mourning in the country for those who have been lost, and there have also been some demands that the team are given the Copa Sudamericana title as a mark of respect.




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