Has Christmas Come Even Earlier?

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Just yesterday (21st October), I found myself surrounded by baubles and tinsel at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. It’s not even Halloween yet! With Harrods, Oxford Street, opening their festive doors at 8am 28th July this year and Selfridges following shortly after on August 1st, I wonder if next year we will have time to finish the turkey of Christmas 2016, before we begin preparing for Christmas 2017.

The idea of the commercialisation of Christmas has been brought up again and again, and I do not plan to go over the same argument. We’ve all been told, by our parents, teachers, priests the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas. This is not going to be a focal point of this article. I merely wish to talk about timing. Surely, whatever your beliefs about Christmas; if it starts in July, the excitement is going to have somewhat diminished by Christmas morning. I’m not saying we should all go back to Victorian tradition and buy the Christmas tree (along with all our presents) on Christmas Eve, but wouldn’t it be nice to associate December, and only December, with the Christmas period?

I don’t disagree that a build-up is nice. It incites our Christmas spirit and cheers us through the winter months. However, I always find that if I’ve had my Christmas tree up since October- it doesn’t look as pretty by the time I get to Christmas Day- in fact it has pretty much become part of the furniture. As with everything, Christmas is no longer special if it has become part of our daily lives. To reserve the magic of Christmas, we really do need to stop making it such a common place idea, which is in our heads from August through December.




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