Bonkers for Bridget: Why the New Movie is a Must See!

Credit: Universal

Although it has been over ten years since we first met and came to love the character every woman can see herself in, the new movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ has been welcomed by some a bit reluctantly.

Apart from being completely different from Helen Fielding’s third instalment of Bridget Jones, ‘Mad About the Boy’, where Bridget finds herself a widow with two small children, as poor Mark Darcy has been killed in a car accident. The new movie, ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ could not be more different from that story line.

And it is not just being so different that has people a little sceptical, people were feeling a bit reluctant towards Renee Zellweger, the actress who plays Bridget herself. In the last two movies, ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ and ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’, Bridget is supposed to be a representation for the average ‘middle aged woman’ and the struggles faced by her. So ten years on and Zellweger’s face is now induced with Botox and other plastic surgery, looking very slim… it was very hard to see how that Bridget Jones ten years ago was going to be played by how Renee Zellweger looks now.

So it is no surprise that the script writers for the film took Helen Fielding’s book and pretended it didn’t exist. But to the pleasant surprise of many, the film worked spectacularly.

Everything was done to perfection and done all in the same formula which we loved the other Bridget Jones films for. From the hilarious opening credits, we find that Bridget is still in the same flat, in the same spirit of trying to control her life and make it the best, but unfortunately making everything much worse. Her parents, her friends. Everything still holds the same comedic value, just ten years later.

Despite maybe looking a little bit predictable (especially the ending), the hilarity of the film, especially when Bridget has a to-do with a revolving door and Emma Thompson, who co-wrote the film, characters best one liners makes even the predictable something that you want to happen. It really is a must see for any RomCom lover!

For anyone who loves Bridget Jones or who wants to see a film that will really make the whole audience belly laugh, you are sure to enjoy this update of Jones’ life as she enters a whole new problem of getting pregnant and not knowing who the daddy is.

And with a massive hint at the end from an old flame we thought could no longer be, the film hints that there may just be a Bridget Jones 4. Let’s see if they can top this one! We hope so.




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