Beyoncé’s next trio

Last week saw an influx of ‘bump’ photos, as Beyoncé came back to our screens as a threesome once more. In the short space of a week, Beyoncé and her bump seem to have become a trio even more iconic than Destiny’s Child. Not only have her pregnancy photos been splattered across every magazine cover and social media platform. They have even become a meme; the only true path to fame – let’s be honest!

On the night of Wednesday 1st February, Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z announced the happy news; that they were expecting two more children alongside their 5 year old daughter, Blue Ivy. Just in case there was any doubt, the news was posted on Beyoncé’s official Instagram account alongside an image of her cradling her baby bump. Receiving 1.4 million likes in just 30 minutes after the post, it has become the ‘most-liked’ photo on Instagram. The general public seem to have fallen in love with two children who have not yet entered the world.

Blue Ivy has featured in several photos from the pregnancy shoot- no doubt to involve her in the preparation. Hopefully it will also help prevent sibling jealousy that we all know is inevitable at some point through the pregnancy!

Beyoncé is still scheduled to perform on the 12th at the Grammy Award Ceremony. She has been nominated for a potential nine awards, including Album of the Year. It is suspected that she strategically announced her pregnancy before the ceremony. This could be so it does not detract from the celebration of her work on the day.




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