Amy Schumer Calls Out Glamour Magazine

Amy Schumer Kevin Winter/Getty Images Sourced: The Independent

It seems that another celebrity has joined the fight against what it means to be “plus size”. On Tuesday the American comedian Amy Schumer struck out at Glamour magazine for featuring her as a “plus size” celebrity.

Taking to Instagram the Blonde Funny girl posted a photo of the magazine cover that featured her in a line up of “women who inspire us”. The photo also showed Melissa McCarthy, Adele and Ashley Graham were also included.

The cover in question. Photo: Glamour
The cover in question. Photo: Glamour

Schemer captioned the photo:

I think there’s nothing wrong with being plus size. Beautiful healthy women. Plus size is considered size 16 in America. I go between a size 6 and an 8. @glamourmag put me in their plus size only issue without asking or letting me know and it doesn’t feel right to me. Young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size? What are your thoughts? Mine are not cool glamour not glamourous

Amy, only a 10 to 12 UK size is clearly unhappy with the feature. With numerous girls in the current generation struggling with body confidence, Schumer argues that posing her body as “plus size” will impact people’s perception of body image.

In response to the publicised post, Glamour US Editor-in-Chief, Cindi Leive tweeted:

After such a prompt and arguably reasonable response Amy had to have the last laugh. Tweeting an Instagram video of her flying a kite on the beach.

In the video caption she thanks “the people who didn’t tell” her how she should feel.

This story came out around the same time Adele answered the claims that Rebel Wilson would be playing her in a Biopic. The Hello singer said: “Just because I’m plus-sized doesn’t means she’s playing me”.

What are your thoughts on the perception of “plus size”?





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