6 Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

secret Santa presents under £5

Every year, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll get invited to at least one Secret Santa around Christmas time. Whether it’s your flat mates, your friend group from home or work mates, it’s almost impossible to escape. Trying to find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa can be a difficult task and one that very few enjoy. This list is here to make it easier.

Here are 10 Secret Santa gift idea under £5 from Amazon, IWOOTPrezzy Box and The Present Finder.

1. Farting Fines Money Box

£2.99 from Amazon

Whether a colleague or a house mate, we all have someone who’s constantly ‘letting one off’. Here is the perfect gift for them. Help them cut back on the gas or help them save.

2. Surprise Mug

£4.99 from IWOOT

This one is a classic. There’s a selection of phrases to choose from, making it the perfect gift for anyone.

3. Topics for the Table Napkins

£3.99 from The Present Finder

Constantly struggling for conversation over dinner? No more! These napkins fold into the childhood game we all loved to offer topics of conversation for all situations.

4. Bacon Soap

£4.95 from Prezzy Box

Everyone loves bacon. Men love bacon. Women love bacon. Pigs love bacon. So it only makes sense that we should make bacon soap. The soap that everyone can love.

5. Sh#g Yourself Thin

£3.95 from Prezzy Box

This one may not be quite suitable for work and almost definitely not for family, but could be a fun one for friends. This little book is full of perfect way to burn off your Christmas calories

6. Ring of Fire After Curry Wipes

£3.95 from Prezzy Box

Know someone who loves curry? I think it’s safe to say everyone has been in the situation where toilet roll isn’t your friend… Let’s just leave it at that…

7. Did we miss something?

If you’ve found the perfect Secret Santa gift or have something to add to this article, let us know in the comments!





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