3 Ways to Reduce Stress This Christmas

Christmas Stress

Christmas. A time for relaxing, or at least that’s what they want you to think: With all the stress of preparing Christmas Dinner, bracing yourself with suitable presents for friends and family, sorting out a Christmas tree to decorate, the decorating, it can all be very hectic. So here are three things I like to do to keep the Christmas stress away.


Keep some time for yourself

The first is to take some alone time. It can be lovely to spend hours in the company of our families, deep in conversation or in front of the television whilst more stuffed than the turkey had been. But it is also tiring to deal with everyone in the house particularly for larger families, like mine. My solution is to go off and have some time to myself to slow down and recharge the batteries a bit. Whilst this may seem anti-social at Christmas, personally it helps me to enjoy that time with my family more.


Help others

Secondly, I find it helpful to make sure that you help others at Christmas. If you aren’t doing anything, then helping out with some small task can make a world of difference for others and help keep that stress metre from blowing up. Whilst Christmas is a time of year to enjoy being considerate of the needs of others will really help, not only to keep things running smoothly but to keep others happy at what we all know can be a stressful time of the year.

Ginger Bread

Get ahead of of your university/college work

Third is to make sure that you don’t have a huge looming deadline ahead. Universities are often inconsiderate with their assessment timings in January. That is if like me you have a tendency to leave things quite late in the day. Therefore, my final and perhaps best piece of advice for this Christmas is clear some of the workload in advance. That way over Christmas you can sit down for a few days without having to worry about work. A Christmas spent poring over essays isn’t much fun after all.

Have a great Christmas guys! On that note back to assessment work I go!




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