14 Year Old Given Second Chance at Life

A 14 year old girl, known as JS, has won the legal battle to have her body cryogenically frozen, as an attempt to give her the chance of an adult life, despite dying of cancer on October 17th this year.

Whilst alive, the girl corresponded via letters with Mr Justice Peter Jackson to allow her the opportunity to have a second chance at life. She wanted all decisions as to the disposal of her body to be legally given to her mother, who supported her wish to be ‘frozen’. Despite her divorced parents’ disagreement of the issue, he ruled in favour of the girl’s demand. Whilst Mr Justice Peter Jackson gave no explicit decision on the procedure of being cryogenically frozen itself, he did permit her mother full control of the proceedings. He also ruled that no information of the case could be published until one month after her passing.

Her wish granted, 4 hours after passing away, her body was frozen and sent to a storage facility in the US. Thus far, only 10 British people have undergone such a process, and she the only child.

This issue being controversial at the very least, it is however comforting to know that in her final hours, this 14 year old girl won at least one of her battles.




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